Seminar Stairway To Commitment

195.00 incl. btw

Imagine you are going through a significant change process. As the driver of behavioral change, you have a clear vision and a well-defined plan for the future. You are firmly leading the way. However…

… the rest of your team is waiting and continuously raising questions. Your patience is being put to the test. How do you get your team on board?

That is exactly what you will discover during the seminar: The Stairway To Commitment! Jan van Setten will explain how you guide your team through the various phases of behavioral change with crystal-clear management. How to naturally engage people and how to identify and address resistance.

The seminar will take place in the afternoon of Monday January 22, 2024 (from 13:30 to 17:00) at the CKC theater in Zoetermeer. The seminar is in English.

Special note: On the 22nd of January we will launch the English version of Jan’s bestseller ‘The Stairway To Commitment’ (in Dutch: ‘Hoe Krijg Ik Ze Zover’) and you get a first (signed!) copy. 

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22 January, 2024

13.30-14.00.    Welcome and Registration
  Part One:

  • The basis underlying all challenges: what do we stand for and where do we strive for? Our DNA.
  • 5 reasons why people don’t get moving.
  • The crystal clear management approach for every situation.
15.00-15.30.     Break

15.30-16.45.     Part Two:

  • How to deal with different levels of resistance.
  • How to improve the biggest engine of progress: trust!
  • How to ancher what you have achieved.

16.45. Drinks and afterparty.

*Please note: this seminar is in English.

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