'You can't stop
your thoughts.
But you can stop
believing them.'

Jan van Setten is a highly sought-after speaker and bestselling author. He provides insights and inspiration in the areas of (personal) leadership, customer focus, and organizational change.

Jan delivers more than 150 lectures and workshops per year. The audience is guaranteed to be on the edge of their seats. No one leaves the room without gaining a new insight or idea, and a concrete action plan.


Jan is one of the most sought-after Dutch speakers. Through his lectures and workshops, Jan reaches thousands of people, both domestically and internationally, in an inspiring way, with a dose of humor and energy.

Bestselling Author

All of Jan’s books have been in the Dutch Bestseller Management Top 3. ‘Hoe Krijg Ik Ze Zover’ even led the bestseller list for a year. This book got now translated in 2024 and is available under the title ‘The Stairway To Commitment’.


With his practical experience as a commercial and general manager at companies like Nestlé and Alcoa, educational background (MBA), and the best ideas from great thinkers, Jan consistently delivers applicable eye-openers.